February 22, 2020
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In Residence

The changing face of the Mecca of Indian cricket - Shivaji Park.

In Residence
In Residence

I have lived in Shivaji Park ever since I was born. It’s the Mecca of Indian cricket. Many great cricketing stories began here. My family has lived here for over a 100 years. My earliest memories of this wonderful place is of peace and quiet and a lot of fun. As kids we played not just cricket but every game under the sun.

Those days were different. This crowd was not there. There were no unending rows of parked cars, no big buildings, no traffic. Just a huge green field and kids having all the space in the world. Those days the roads around this place were not paved. Very few cars would pass by. Now there are two cars every 10 seconds. I feel sorry for the kids.

Where do they play? Strangely, with so many people in the Park playing cricket, I am surprised how there is not a single case of someone being hit by a stray ball. I think it’s a miracle. May be we were just meant to play cricket at Shivaji Park.

































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