August 15, 2020
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In Residence

New Delhi's Nizamuddin.

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In Residence
Tribhuvan Tiwari
In Residence
For an artist any place is loveable. He can get inspired, find creativity anywhere. It all depends on the state of mind, the mental frame. But I must confess that I do have a special attachment for Nizamuddin. It has this old, enduring backdrop I am very attached to. It reminds me of the bygone era; also of the continuity of life. The surrounding old tombs and monuments have a charm of their own. The ruins of Purana Qila are also close by. I am fond of Nizamuddin also because it’s the place where I finally settled down; where I managed to build a house of my own.

Born and brought up in Assam, I had never stepped out of the state till I matriculated and moved all the way to Lahore where I taught in the Mayo School of Arts. I came to Delhi as a refugee after the Partition. Initially I lived at Gole Market with a group of artists and then moved to this Nizamuddin house. I have always had my studio here. It’s the place where I’ve entertained my friends. I love the quietude of the house. It’s at the very end of the colony. No land can be acquired ahead of it. So there’s no room for any expansion or chaos. But we human beings have a knack for spoiling spaces, of degrading our environment. That goes on in Nizamuddin as well, unthinkingly and constantly.

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