August 15, 2020
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In Praise Of Najeeb Jung

For his view that Indians have a right to refuse to say BMKJ

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In Praise Of Najeeb Jung

Delhi’s Lt Governor hasn’t quite been the best advertisement of an impartial, nonpartisan figure of authority. Indeed, his execrable conduct with a democratically elected chief minister has been an insult to those who elec­ted Arvind Kejriwal to power—and proof, if any were needed, that he was more than willing to do his master’s bidding. That said, Jung’s televised int­ervention in the manufactured controversies of the Sangh parivar—beef, nationalism, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’—doesn’t harm his reputation one bit. His view that Indians have a right to refuse to say BMKJ, that refusal is not anti-national and that “in a secular democracy the principles or practice of one faith should not be turned into bans that are imposed on people of other faiths,” is a scholarly explication that those who write his paycheck must consider.

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