August 11, 2020
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"I'll Save Hinduism At Any Cost"

Bajrang Dal leader Vinay Katiyar spoke to Outlook. Excerpts:

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"I'll Save Hinduism At Any Cost"

Why is the Bajrang Dal being directly blamed for the attacks on the Christians?
Our rivals have nothing to criticise us on. So they’ve blown such meaningless issues out of proportion. These attacks are mostly related to problems with admissions.

But why are the missionary schools alone being targeted?
I am sure even other schools face similar problems but they raise no such hue and cry like the Christian institutions.

As a senior Dal leader, how do you react to the Nagla Ajita incident, which was not admission related?
I’m proud the Bajrang Dal is dragged into this controversy. I’ll not shy away from saving Hinduism at any cost. I will also extend my support to all those who stand against any attempts to convert Hindus.

But the police say that the arrested persons are Bajrang Dal supporters...
The Bajrang Dal has no representative in this village. If we have the people’s support, it is because of our popularity and what we stand for. Forcible conversion is against the law of the land and has to be condemned outright.

But don’t you think that the minorities are living in constant fear?
Hindus have always been very tolerant people. But this does not mean that they will let the minorities play with their religious feelings. The minorities have to learn to respect the majority community’s sentiments and faith. In most cases, in fact, Hindus are scared to live in areas where the minorities have become strong in numbers.

Have Christians become the Sangh Parivar’s target after Sonia Gandhi entered politics?
It is absolutely the other way round. Christians have become far too aggressive ever since Sonia took over as Congress president. They feel that in her they have a perfect protector even if that means converting Hindus forcibly.

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