August 07, 2020
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If You Could See Me Now

The major makeovers

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If You Could See Me Now
If You Could See Me Now
  • Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin (Sony): The biggest makeover of them all. Jassi (Mona Singh) trades her schoolmarm spectacles for thin frames, gets rid of her bangs and flaunts her noble brow. And if that wasn't enough, her chunni no longer armours her chest over sack-like salwar-kameezes. Instead, you have Indo-Western fusion wear that more than hints at cleavage and a figure.

  • Dekho Magar Pyar Se (Star Plus): Nikki's childish hairstyle, the baby fat (created by make-up artists) and the round spectacles that emphasised the fullness of her face has vanished. Hopefully, so will the perpetual high calorie snack that she snuck around with. Get used to Nikki's groomed goddess look instead.

  • Kareena Kareena (Zee TV): Kareena was already alternating between two extreme looks for her two jobs. One as the bharatiya nari in saris who worked at a boring 9-5 job and the other as the "jeans and capri-wearing" Radio Jockey who works odd hours. The channel asked its viewers to choose the kind of look that suits her best, ranging from the utterly Western to fusion to Indian. It's now fashioning a makeover based on audience inputs.

  • Yeh Meri Life Hai (Sony): Pooja, affectionately called Pooji on the show, might go the way of the 'Poo' in kkkg. Well, maybe not that drastic. But the tightly tied hair will give away to looser, wavy tresses and the printed synthetic salwar-kameezes to well-cut Indo-Western outfits. Possibly the best way for the serial to go after her on-screen boyfriend married her sister while still swearing undying love for her.

Reality Shows

  • The Makeover (NDTV Profit) Broadcast in Hindi and English, this show is about giving working, middle-class professionals makeovers that they can maintain even after the show's shoot. Anchor and producer Devika Anand and stylist Samantha Kocchar take them through the maze of colours, cuts, make-up and hair styles that leads to the 'better image'.

  • Style Check (MTV): The highlight of the show is 'Magic Makeovers' where one lucky person, mailing in, gets a makeover by experts. Programming head Cyrus Oshidar says that the only reason why they don't feature plastic surgery makeovers yet, like mtv Global, is because of the few "conscientious objectors" who always pop up. "But the Indian public is ready for it."

  • The Manish Malhotra Show (Zoom): The Metamorphosis Contest on the show is all about turning the girl or boy next door into style icons. Tanisha was the first winner to receive the royal treatment. You could be next.
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