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How To Have Fun For Rs 100

How To Have Fun For Rs 100
Photo-imaging by Jayachandran
How To Have Fun For Rs 100
  • If your city has a planetarium, go immerse yourself in the dark, and let the galaxies and a disembodied voice take over.

  • Drive out of the city and have a meal at a roadside dhaba, sitting on a charpoy.

  • Buy a kite. Rediscover the art of flying it.

  • Buy a Charlie Chaplin VCD off the web. But if you are only looking to have fun, avoid the anti-war Monsieur Verdoux, The Countess from Hong Kong , which is only directed by Chaplin, and Limelight, which, though a splendid film, ends tragically.

  • Buy a nice diary, and start recording your days. Leave behind a glowing account of your thoughts and exploits for posterity to judge you as a superior human being. If necessary, fabricate. In fact, go one step further. Bring out the Walter Mitty in you. Only fabricate.

  • Buy a deck of cards, and a book of card tricks. Surprise friends, foes and complete strangers. To increase your popularity, teach them the simpler ones.

  • Go see a circus.

  • Bet whatever you can cheerfully lose on India winning the World Cup.

  • Buy a lottery ticket.

  • Get a fortune teller to spin a tall yarn on when and how you'll make your millions.

  • Get two bottles of chilled beer, a tall beer glass, put on some music that agrees with your taste and lie back and laze in an easychair on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Binge with your family/friends on golgappa/ pani-puri/phuchka/or whatever it's called in your part of the country.

  • Get a massage plus a hair cut plus your ears cleaned plus your nails trimmed and the back of your neck powdered from a roadside barber. And have some change left for peanuts.

  • Buy a basic mouth organ. Of course, there's the danger of your neighbours evicting you from your house, especially if you decide to practice at night (which, incidentally, is the best time to practice). But look at it this way, there's no greater fun than irritating stuffy boring neighbours, and you may even end up learning to play a tune on your instrument if you try hard enough.

  • Get to know your city by using public transport in a totally random manner. For instance, if you are using a bus, decide that you'll get down at odd-numbered bus stops in an increasing sequence from the place where you boarded. So, you get off the first bus you take at the third stop, take a walk around, get on some other bus, making sure not to see where it's going, get down at the fifth bus stop, board the next one that comes, disembark at the seventh stop and so on. Watch how the passengers change from bus route to bus route, and get to see places in your city that you didn't ever know existed. Important note: to get back home when you have decided you've had enough of random sightseeing, make sure, this time, to see where the buses are headed.

  • Spend time browsing at pavement book shops, and buy second-hand books. With a slice of luck and some persistence, you might find some rare gems.

  • Buy comfortable rubber slippers to wear at home. Essential for peace of mind and happy family life.
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