February 19, 2020
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Guv Can Do It

Guv Can Do It
The new UPA-appointed governor Nawal Kishore Sharma doesn’t bring good tidings for the Narendra Modi regime here, reeling under SC indictments for its handling of the post-Godhra riots probe. Raj Bhavan sources say Sharma will be ‘proactive’, which has the state machinery in a tizzy. As a senior state bureaucrat pointed out, "Whether the ruling Congress will invoke Article 356 remains to be seen. So far the strategy seems to be, wait and watch what the BJP does to Modi." Alarm bells started ringing after L.K. Advani’s assertion on a recent visit that the governor’s sacking was just a preview, and that Modi was next. Strangely, in all this hoopla, the state Congress has kept its counsel, their view being that Modi should not be allowed to become "a martyr".
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