February 22, 2020
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On the success of his offbeat ‘masala’ film ‘Hu Tu Tu’ that makes a political statement

Are you happy with the reaction to Hu Tu Tu ?
It has been satisfactory. People have reacted and that is because they have identified with the content.

Has the film managed to connect, given the success and trend of feel- good cinema?
With the way our politicians are now, I expected a good reaction. The film has a feel- good factor. The central message is that if there's oppression, there'll be rebellion.

Is the film your comment on the degradation of Indian politics?
I think it's natural for an artiste to express his anguish in any form possible.

Is politician bashing a new formula then?
Escapist cinema has reached saturation. There should be more responsibility from film makers, more purposeful cinema. Not just on politics but anything that affects India.

Are Indian audiences maturing to accept such political statements in film?
Going by the percentage of popular cinema which is flopping, there does seem to be change in the audience. I feel they'd like to see a bit of reality every now and then.

What did you want to achieve with this film?
Hope. I wanted to get this point across that even in the middle of all this confusion there is still hope for this nation.

Was the underlying disillusionment in the film personal?
These were the images that I have collected all through my life. These are very real images that happen every day.

The lyrics in the film are that of a rebel. Comment.
I have always used issues to write songs and Hu Tu Tu was no exception. There is something beyond boy- girl songs

How did you convey something new in the music and the choreography?
Both these elements convey a rural atmosphere which is what I wanted. In fact the songs have a street theatre factor which has been appreciated in the film.

How did using the R. K. Laxman illustrations help?
Nana Patekar's character like Laxman's 'Common Man' makes a serious comment with a witty punchline.

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