March 30, 2020
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Globo - Protesters And Their Target

Globo - Protesters And Their Target

"The problem isn’t beef,cultural diversity or patenting of life forms.It’s the WTO," said development analyst Susan George, a week before the 135-member trade body’s Millennium Round.The 30,000 globo-protesters at Seattle,home to Boeing and Microsoft,the essence of American free trade,agreed. They were a motley group of protesters ranging from Luddites,Zapatistas and Free-Tibeters to butterfly defenders,top-less women and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.They opposed,often violently,everything from bovine hormones and genetically modified (g.m.) foods to Nike and Gap. But the anti-global markets stance helped the top trader (exports:$682 billion).The US tried to get environment and human rights in through the backdoor,but developing nations opposed it.As talks failed,the enviro-protesters and the protectionist organised US labour,many of whom earn their bread from exports,won the day.

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