June 06, 2020
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Getting The Fit Right

Getting The Fit Right
  • Know your size. In a 34B size, 34 is the belt size and B the cup size. Measure yourself right below your breasts. Add 5 to an odd number of inches, 6 for an even number; if you measure 29 inches, your belt size is 29+5, or 34. You get your cup size by measuring around your bust and subtracting this from your belt size. If the difference is 2 your cup size is A; 2-4 is B, 4-6 is C, above 6 is D.

  • Know your needs. If you work out, buy a sports bra. Don’t compromise with a regular bra.

  • Avoid 100 per cent cotton fabric. A cotton-lycra mix gives you good support and a cotton-like feel.

  • Instead of a strapless bra, buy a push-up one with transparent straps

  • If your store has a trial room, use it
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