15 November 1999 Society Millennium Special

Ganesha Says

Vajpayee, Tendulkar, Shahrukh, Arundhati... the future
Ganesha Says

ONE of the secrets of the BJP's success is in the inner meaning of its initials. By the Hebrew Kabala of Numbers, these initials resolve to B-2, J-1, P-8=2+1+8=11. The Tarot card for it is La Force, which means energy. We see a young man trying to close a lions' mouth. It means if the BJP is smart and sensible enough not to make wild and foolish and acrimonious pronouncements scaring others, it'll be the party of the future. Taken in this light, the BJP is its worst enemy. The nuclear tests are a reflection of La Force, the innate energy and ebullience of the BJP.

Capricornian Vajpayee is figuratively 10 ft tall. As early as December 31, '97, I had said in Mid-Day, Bombay: "The year 1998 will begin with the BJP. Vajpayee has the courage to take a stand." I'm not a Capricornian and therefore have no axe to grind. But India's ruling sign is Capricorn. The other notable Capricornians are Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Shobha De, Kapil Dev and the hugely talented Priyanka Gandhi.

I'm proud to go against the general trend of debunking India as corrupt, polluted, poor, hypocritical. Yes, we're all these, and in the "we" I include myself. But real spirituality is also in India. As the superpower of the 21st century, India won't only be happy, but will bring about conditions of relief and joy for the whole world. How will it do it? I'm not a spiritual leader and therefore it's outside my scope and range. But by Ganesha do it, India positively will!

Ganesha commands substance not style, muscle not frills, meat of the matter not wordy nothings. So, he goes:

Capricornian Priyanka is a rare mermaid. The toughness of the Capricornian and the sprightliness of the Sagittarian Jupiter in her individual horoscope make her a very formidable adversary and a fine friend. She's in the heroic mould of Indira Gandhi. Alas, her destiny could end as tragically and dramatically - and I hope I go wrong on that one. After all, I'm not a god and have gone wrong before. Ganesha says, leadership material definitely and His is the last word. By 2007, and that's not even a blink in history, we'll know where she'll really be.

Taurean Tendulkar will be on a mighty sticky wicket till April 21, 2001. After that, he'll again bloom, blast, bash the world's best to kingdom come. Just remember, this Ganesha devotee said in the Annual Horoscope '95: "Around the years 1998-99 I see a few posers, problems for Sachin. That in turn could reflect on his play. It'll be an ordeal by fire as we Indians say." Yes, the man is an all-time great. 2003 will simply be awesome for cricket. Tendulkar torments the Rest of the World will be the headlines.

In the '95 annual number of Mid-Day, I'd said exactly this about Shahrukh Khan: "I find marked spiritual tendencies in Shahrukh, a gamut and range of emotions truly wide and varied, and most importantly, fertile imagination so necessary for a good actor and a top-rate star. Behind the glitter there's real gold...." This Scorpio actor may have poor health starting 2001, operations too. The friend of all, he is his own enemy. That's destiny! Except health, he will have it all.

Sagittarian Arundhati Roy punishes my heart with love just as the typhoon hits a mighty oak tree! Conflict may be the soul of drama and the heartbeat of creativity, but it messes up life, and messes it badly. Around the years 2001-2003, I see her good enough to touch, if not actually hold, the Nobel, but in her personal life, I'm afraid, she looks in the mouth and cavern of hell. She's magnificent millennium woman material - the very best. The foresight of the Sagittarian, the charm of Saturn in Libra, the sheer daring and guts of Jupiter in powerpacked Aries, and the artistic splendour of a double 6, representing Venus, namely birth on a Friday (No. 6) and the birth number 24 resolving to 2+4=6, make her not a good, not a big, but a future great writer and believe me, this former professor of English, specialising in Chaucer and Old English, knows what he's talking about. That she's a bit off the head makes her delightfully crazy. She can tilt at windmills and that's her idealism which gods might well envy! Where she walks there will be radiance. She is my princess.

I feel so much let down by Aquarian Balasaheb Thackeray, that I could easily blow my brains. When he first came to power, I'd said this man has the choice to be a mere politician or a real statesman. Alas, he chose the former when the latter would've given him a permanent niche in the hall of fame. It's not a pity. It's a tragedy. As long as I live, I'll bleed for my country, courtesy him.

What about the ubiquitous, all-purpose, ever-present Indian sari? Will it survive the onslaught of western style clothes? Here is what I've said in my 2000 Millennium Yearbook: "Saris will be transparent, auomatically wrapping, perfecting the shape and body contours of the woman... Saris will be symphonies of pure delight. Because of the ascendant Taurus in the independence chart and Taurus meaning beauty and utility, clothes and jewellery and Indian women's fascination for it, and Saturn India's main planet being in Cancer, the home and family sign, the jeweller will never be out of fashion, though artificial jewellery and accessories will come into their own, 2000-2003."

From humble beginnings to really grand going sums up the Maruti graph/growth. Her (cars are feminine) chart shows Jupiter, prosperity planet, and Neptune, planet of design and shape and models, in Capricorn, which is slow to start but great at end-results. The other words for Capricorn are commonsense, use, availability, pragmatism, great competitiveness born of overwhelming and overvaulting ambition. When Saturn comes in the opposition angle of Capricorn, namely Cancer, and that it does in 2003, Maruti, while still in the reckoning, may not be No. 1. By the Hebrew Kabala of Numbers, Maruti comes to M-4, A-1, R-2, U-6, T-4, I-1= 4+1+2+6+ 4+1=18. Strong number 18, but it's also a number of accidents. It needs to be more sturdy, points out Ganesha. His is the last word.

Good news for suave, savvy Amitabh who has had his share of the vicissitudes of fortune and fate. From June 2000 his period of joy starts and in 2001 itself it will be proverbial cornucopia of plenty. In family drama he will make his mark, steal the thunder and slice his critics into silence! The man is subtle, really shy and can be sentimental. There is more drama in his underplaying his own importance than people give him credit for. Yes, he is capable of genuine affection. But he is more a child of destiny than even he realises. That's the paradox! He has a Karmic lesson to learn and now he has almost learnt it. That's for sure! I see the red carpet for him once again. Ganesha nods in agreement.

Full-moon child Rahul Gandhi could well be the dark horse, the rank outsider who runs away with the trophy. Very surprisingly, his time also comes around 2007 and really picks up from 2005. Even if the Congress may not be there, he'll be a force to reckon with. That's the contradiction. The dynasty is by no means through with India!

Some of my most amazing predictions have been made when, having trust in Ganesha, my Lord and Master, I have fought against facts staring me right in the face and hurled my intuitive faculties into the future. By that method, Rahul Gandhi has a positive role to play in the future of India. I like the number 19 in his birthdate. It comes to "The Lovers", "The Sun", in the Kabala, and we all know that to love is to love and the sun is the king of planets. Also, it is the right, optimistic note to end.

The reason is that India is the superpower of the 21st century. By 2008, this Ganesha devotee will be raising high his hands in the air in recognition of the "India Superpower" prediction as his short fat neck will be hidden by huge, happy garlands!

Celebrated astrologer Bejan Daruwalla is the author of Millennium 2000 .


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