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‘From Our Own Farm’

Anokhi Cafe bears John and Faith Singh's inimitable stamp of authenticity and style

‘From Our Own Farm’
P. Lashkari
‘From Our Own Farm’

Anokhi Cafe
K.K. Square, Prithviraj Road, Jaipur
Tel: 4007245
Meal for two: Rs 850
Rating: ***

Forty years ago, John and Faith Singh started Anokhi which, of course, has become a cult fashion and household brand, with loyalists on three continents. Then, a few years ago, they set up Anokhi Cafe, which bears their inimitable stamp of authenticity and style, and is supplied daily with fresh produce from their own Anokhi Farm. Melissa, the Australian head of its kitchen, has created a menu of seasonal, mostly organic meals and the range is eclectic, from Mediterranean to Thai. The joint is a favourite of Jaipur’s expatriate crowd. Over lunch, we overheard conversations in at least four different languages (and that’s not counting English and Hindi).

We sat on the old-fashioned cane moodhas and first cooled off with their famous pomegranate juice. We then took a long, unhurried look at the display counters, trying to decide what to order. The fennel-cucumber-feta-olive-and-herb salad? How about the Massaman curry with organic rice? A focaccio sandwich with basil pesto and cheese? We changed our minds several times before deciding, finally, on a spinach-and-ricotta ravioli, and a caramelised-onion-walnut-and-rosemary pizzetta, accompanied by an organic salad with a wonderful mustard vinaigrette. But the highlight of the meal was, undoubtedly, the desserts that followed: a perfectly baked, light, fluffy mascarpone cheese-cake, and an enormous wedge of luscious coffee cake, crusted with a thick layer of coffee-walnut icing. Anokhi is also known for its organic whole-wheat bread, focaccio, baguette and bagels. A definite musn’t miss!

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