April 04, 2020
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First Take

K.P.S.Gill in dry Gujarat, Prannoy Roy's new news channel and Star's plans with AB and more...

First Take
Out of sight definitely does not mean out of mind. These days the capital’s chatterati is busy wondering how K.P.S Gill, who loves more than a chhota peg in the evenings, is getting along in dry Gujarat... Speculations are on about Prannoy Roy as well. Rumours are abuzz that he may be moving from Star to Sony. The network is contemplating a new news channel with Roy in the lead...Meanwhile, things are happening in Star too as AB gets set to make a comeback. But he won’t be doing another round of KBC. A new gameshow concept is being worked out in a London production house to suit his larger-than-life persona...Another expat filmmaker makes it big globally. After winning an award last year at the London filmfest, Asif Kapadia’s The Warrior is now getting rave reviews from foreign critics. Wonder when it gets released in India...More on Indian cinema. With films flopping endlessly at the box office, the heroines are looking at alternate avenues. Latest is that Amisha Patel has started a new kebab eatery in Mumbai. Now, that’s something to chew on...

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