August 01, 2020
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Fauzia Minallah

The artist, writer, environmentalist and activist from Islamabad on being part of the jury at the International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad.

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Fauzia Minallah
Fauzia Minallah

How do you approach children with your messages?

Images are crucial while interacting with children. Sharing my art through animation is pleasing to kids, given the tech exposure they get.

Have you ever encountered political or social opposition?

I love to say what I want to, but without inviting confrontation. In Islamabad, I convinced the local government to save old trees.

Should activism be instilled at a young age?

Let them discuss complex subjects. When Pakistani kids learn to respect their multi-­cultural heritage, they will grow up tolerant.

How relevant are traditional arts?

They are relevant; the traditional crafts of my village are an integral part of my identity.

How do you view animation for children?

Some films by Disney or Pixar are wonderful. But some foreign cartoons are violent.

How do you view Pakistani animation?

It’s pcking up in Pakistan. The tele-series called Burqa Avenger has done very well.

What do you think of the animation scene in India being driven by mythology?

Children must have access to indigenous and folk tales, apart from international cartoons.

How different are your roles as a nature lover, environmentalist and artist?

They draw from each other; they are correlated.

How do you choose your medium—animation, sculpting or painting--to say something?

I explore a medium depending on how I’m feeling. When the Malala Yousafzai incident happened, I felt like making a beautiful animation for her.       

What is the significance of your work for you?

Through my work I explore my South Asian identity, Indus heritage, Gandhara and Pakistani heritage.

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