July 28, 2020
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Farooque Sheikh

On his new television show titled Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

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Farooque Sheikh
Farooque Sheikh

When is it going on air?
Tentatively between April and May, on Zee prime time.

What is it about?
I would say it is an audio-visual biography of famous Indians.

What's special about it?
It's a laudatory talk show. But this show discusses a celebrity's life not just by making him or her speak freely. We also talk to all those involved with the star's life, like the old school principal, the neighbour, friends...it can be anybody.

Isn't it very similar to the popular British show This is Your Life?
It's similar in parts but we have also included elements which are very Indian.

Like, a former girlfriend of the celebrity will not be featured on the show?
I won't say that. We will speak to the former girlfriends too.

Who are the stars you have already shot with?
We already have Saurav Ganguly, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya and Karisma.

Were they paid to appear?
I don't know about that. NDTV, which is making this show, may have a better idea.

How many episodes have you shot?
Four, as of now. We are looking at many more big names.

As an actor, how comfortable are you as a talk show host?
It's very interesting. I insist on extempore while shooting. Nothing is scripted for me in the show.

How did the whole thing come about?
NDTV called me up one day and said there is this talk show that they were planning.

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