January 22, 2020
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Fact And Fiction

Seven major myths debunked by the report

Fact And Fiction
1) Myth IT professionals are individualists, and strong adherents of the nuclear family system

Reality Strong resurgence of joint family system, with elderly parents of IT couples living with them and taking care of domestic problems

2) Myth IT professionals have expensive lifestyles and like to splurge

Reality They have the same middle-class goals as their parents: to own a house, plan for security and invest in the best education for their children. They disparage the 'frivolous' lifestyles and spending patterns of BPO workers

3) Myth IT professionals subscribe to a 'new modernist' outlook, which doesn't believe in caste, arranged marriages

Reality A vast majority marry within their own caste, community and religion through arranged marriages

4) Myth The IT revolution has been inclusive, providing employment across class and caste barriers

Reality A majority of IT professionals come from upper-caste, or middle-class, educated, urban families

5) Myth Software firms do not have unions because their employees are well-paid and happy

Reality Software professionals tend to deal with managements as individuals—when they're unhappy in their jobs they vote with their feet. There is often secrecy, lack of transparency in the salary structure.

6) Myth The IT industry is widely regarded as a model for India's economic development and growth.

Reality It has few links to local, regional and national economies, generating few spillovers for the domestic economy. Its growth rate has slowed from 50 per cent in the '90s to 28 per cent today, is vulnerable to mercurial global markets and capital

7) Myth IT industry has flourished as it has been free of state interference and bureaucratic controls

Reality: It has flourished because of state policies, such as technology missions, tax holidays, free or subsidised land and infrastructure, subsidised technical education

Source: 'Work, Culture and Sociality in the Indian IT industry' by National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore

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