March 28, 2020
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Drop Down

Drop Down
Crinkled Skirts The basic girl-next-door skirt, the crinkly texture giving a carefree, casual feel to it. Wear it with a standard top or a Nehru collar kurti.

Layered Skirts Ideal for a night out at a disco (seen on Nina Manuel, left). Since the bottom layers are full, it’s fun to dance in. Looks better on thin people.

Fitted A-Line Hugging the hips with an A-silhouette. Fab India sells a lot of these skirts in printed hand-spun cotton. The classic Fab India skirt is ideal for a formal occasion. Team it with a formal shirt/top, a broad belt, a scarf, boots and you are ready to bombard the boardroom. Also, the overall effect of an A-silhouette makes you look taller.

Gathered Kalli Skirts In case you have a heavy bottom, this is a good skirt to hide those unwanted bulges. Sophisticated and chic.

Straight Wraparounds The most probable place to spot this skirt is on a beach. Most people tie it like a sarong over their swimsuit. The brighter the colours, the better the look.

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