February 24, 2020
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Dr Mira Markovic

A professor of Sociology, the wife of the Serbian President predicts a Yugoslav day

Dr Mira Markovic
Why is your new book, Night and Day: A Diary, being released in India?
The book has been released in 18 languages till now and the publisher believes there's an interest in the subject here.

What is your interpretation of what happened in Yugoslavia?
What happened was part of the changes that happened in Eastern Europe but it needn't have happened in Yugoslavia.

Considering the social, economic and political situation in Yugoslavia, it didn't belong to the complex of Eastern European countries. Of all the former socialist countries it was the most developed even though we have been through greater hardships.

What is your perspective on the future of the country?
I hope we will have a project of social recovery. In addition to peace, priority will be given to economic development and establishing links with neighbouring countries as well as the rest of the world.

You spoke of the past as the night; do you see a new dawn?
The last chapter of my book is titled The First Light; I hope those lights are now in sight.

What is the recovery plan for the country?
Yugoslavia has to invest in economic recovery as it has been weakened a lot because of the sanctions and also because of the war in the neighbourhood

Consequences of the war for Yugoslavia?
We took in a large number of refugees which has affected us economically.

What kind of structure will there be for economic growth?
We would like all forms of ownership to be equally represented, meaning state, social as well as private. We are also committed to import of foreign capital but it has to be a function of economic development and must not run counter to national interest.

What has been the general response to your book?
The book was launched like any other—it has had many editions and I hope it's popular.

Will your next book talk of new hope?
My latest book, Between East and South, was released a few days ago. The next book that I intend to write will be a before and after on the Yugoslav situation.

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