February 23, 2020
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Digi Tally

The smallest, the largest, the biggest, the stats, the zeroes, the evens, the odds...

Digi Tally
is the number of India Shining ads on TV in Dec ’03-Jan ’04, second to All Out insect repellent.

is the number companies of paramilitary forces to be deployed for the polls.

1,200 crore
is the estimated cost of Election ’04.

8.22 lakh
new applicants for voting rights in Delhi, since the assembly elections in December.

fewer polling booths (7.75 lakh in ’99) due to electronic voting machines.

Graphic Detail
Nehru-Gandhi Strongholds: Amethi
Electorate: 12,55,829
Cong won the seat 10 times since 1957. Rajiv Gandhi represented the seat thrice.

Winners in last five Lok Sabha elections

1989 Rajiv Gandhi (Cong)
1991 Rajiv Gandhi (Cong)
1996 Cpt Satish Sharma (Cong)
1998 Sanjay Singh (BJP)
1999 Sonia Gandhi (Cong)

Rae Bareli

Electorate: 13,70,424
Cong won the seat 10 times since 1952. Feroz Gandhi was elected twice and Indira Gandhi thrice from this seat.

Winners in last five Lok Sabha elections

1989 Sheila Kaul (Cong)
1991 Sheila Kaul (Cong)
1996 Ashok Singh (BJP)
1998 Ashok Singh (BJP)
1999 Cpt Satish Sharma (Cong)

Source: Election commission

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