June 28, 2020
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Kool Foods,Culture Vulture, K.L. Saigal and Simulacrum

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Kool Foods

Summer’s upon us, and whether you’re sweating in Chennai or baking in Delhi, it’s time to make a few dietary changes your body will thank you for...

Why: You get lots of fibre, antioxidants like Vitamin C and essential salts like potassium. Juice is great, but you’ll miss the fibre. Ditch: Pastries and heavy desserts

Veg Salads
Why: Many of the same benefits as fruit, energy boost, lower stomach acidity. For variety try steaming veggies. Ditch: Shahi paneer, dal makhni.


Why: Plenty of heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, low overall fat levels. Ditch: Red meat.


Cold Soups
Why: Tastes great, plus all the gains from fruits and fresh or lightly cooked vegetables. Ditch: Fried snacks.


Why: Restores the physiological balance upset by hot weather; drink even when you’re not very thirsty. Ditch: Alcohol, caffeine


Culture Vulture
Weeping Woman
Picasso (1937)

What: Famous painting from Picasso’s later, post-cubist period, modelled on his lover at the time, Dora Maar.

Big picture: Depicts suffering of the Spanish in their civil war. Micro view: Stunning representation of what happens to a woman’s face when she begins to cry. Compulsive lothario, Picasso had had plenty of experience...

Where: Tate Gallery, London

So you thought you knew all about
K.L. Saigal

2005 is the birth centenary year of the man who defined singing, acting in his time. Spot the slip here.

A. Born in 1904 in Jammu; as a child played Sita in the Ramlila.

B. Was a typewriter salesman before joining New Theatres where he worked with R.C. Boral, Pankaj Mullick.

C. Little-known Sufi saint Salman Yussuf gave him his only formal music training.

D. Known for his semi-classical style—thumris, ghazals, bhajans and Ghalib’s poetry.

E. His Devdas so impressed director P.C. Barua, he gave him the same role in Bengali.

Answer E. Barua himself played Devdas in Bengali. Saigal had a small role and sang two songs.

what is

Representation of reality; like, graphics in computer games can be a simulacra of reality. Also referred by philosophers (Jean Baudrillard, Gianni Vattimo) to explain why, say, malls with commercial images become architectural simulacra of market image more than just physical space.

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