April 03, 2020
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Twins that mattered; Ganesh Pyne; Eric Clapton and J-Horror

Twins that Mattered

When are twin tons precious? Dravid’s centuries in the Cal Test were special. Here are the greats among the 57 times batsmen have hit two in a cricket Test.

George Headley
How much: 114 & 112 vs England, Georgetown, 1929-30 Why: Helped gifted but erratic team to first-ever Test win.


Vijay Hazare How much: 116 & 145 vs Australia, Adelaide, 1946-47 Why: Standout knock against all-conquering team of the day.


Clyde Walcott
How much: 126 & 110 (Port of Spain), 155 & 110 (Kingston) vs Australia, 1954-55 Why: Twice in the same series? Enough said.


Steve Waugh
How much: 108 & 116 vs England, Manchester, 1997 Why: Was the making of the man’s apparent invincibility to opponents.


Andy Flower
How much: 142 & 199* vs South Africa, Harare, 2001-02 Why: Couldn’t prevent defeat, but scored half his side’s runs.


Culture Vulture
Ganesh Pyne

Who One of India’s finest artists.

Style Disquieting, surreal fantasies unusually worked in tempera (poster paint) on canvas.

Themes Alienation, evanescence, fable & myth, death, serenity.

Little-known valuation fact Per sq cm his work is worth 3 to 5 times as much as Husain’s.

So you thought you knew all about
Eric Clapton

The legendary blues and rock guitarist turns 60 on March 30. What’s the bum note in this bio?

A. He reunites with old group Cream only the 2nd time since ‘68 for a show (long since sold out) in London in May.

B. Resellers are offering tickets (originally £50-175) at £350-1,800.

C. Layla, from the Derek & the Dominos’ Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970), is reckoned to be his greatest song.

D. The only clothes he wears on stage are Armani suits.

E. His influences were American blues guitar legends of an earlier era, notably Freddie King.

Answer D. He recently went back to more casual wear after some 20 years of wearing Italian suits.

what is

Genre of Japanese scary films (and Hollywood spinoffs) becoming essential viewing among critics on the cutting edge of contemporary cool. Emphasis is greater on psychological befuddlement than on gore and rotting corpses. Examples include Ringu (The Ring), Ju-On (The Grudge), Pulse.

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