April 04, 2020
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Holier than thou; North by South East; Celeb sex; Steve Bucknor

Celeb Sex!

The luckless Shakti Kapoor’s alleged sexual bad behaviour is nothing new in the celeb world. Here’s just a tiny sample of starry tastelessness.

Michael Jackson
Once perhaps the world’s greatest pop musician. Now a bizarre etiolated humanoid who may not know it’s not on to fondle little children.

Chuck Berry
Virtually invented rock and roll music. His career nearly died after being charged with transporting a minor girl across US state lines for prostitution.

Roman Polanski
Charged with forcing himself on a 13-year-old girl, fled the US to France—where he promptly took up with 15-year-old Nastassja Kinski.

Pete Townshend
Brilliant songwriter and guitarist for The Who, was caught accessing child porn. Maybe it was research. But the damage had been done.

Rob Lowe
In the ‘80s, he was on par with Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, and Tom Cruise. Then a sex video with an underage girl surfaced. Game over.

Culture Vulture
Rabbi Shergill, Sufi Musician

Who Sufi/Punjabi/rock musician; spent six years trying to release an album.

Fame Monster hit. Fans include Bachchan, Naipaul and apparently the entire urban middle class. Purists adore lyrics, dabblers love groove and riffs.

Snob’s view Sound grates if you loathe tan-tan-na-tan beat behind all Punjabi wedding music. For real innovation, see Nitin Sawhney.

So you thought you knew all about
Steve Bucknor

As Bucknor gave his very own nod-before-the-finger routine to the Calcutta Test, he became the first umpire to stand in 100 Tests. Spot his dubious call.

A. Bucknor’s ODI tally of 131 is third behind David Shepherd’s 165, Rudi Koertzen’s 132.

B. His Test and ODI debut both came on India’s tour to West Indies in 1988-89.

C. Has officiated in international hockey ties.

D. He took to umpiring after repeatedly getting bad decisions as a player in his native Montego Bay, Jamaica.

E. Has stood in all World Cup finals since 1992, as the Windies didn’t feature in these.

Answer C. Hockey? In the Caribbean? But Bucknor has been an international soccer referee.

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