May 26, 2020
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Tech Tonic, Culture Vulture, Lisa Ray, Peloton

Tech Tonic

Heard of Microsoft’s project for an ‘e-nabled’ human, arms as keyboards et al? What’s next?

<< Paul Moller’s $200 m levitating Skycar, available in 10 years, can climb at 6,400 feet/min and reach speeds of 365 mph.

>> The University of Arizona’s Applied NanoBioscience Centre’s Science Fashion Lab is developing wearable electronic fashion, clothes which interact with your skin, change colour and even dispense medicine.

<< Tokyo University’s working on a Harry Potter-like Invisibility Cloak, covered with tiny light-reflective beads, which could help pilots see runways through the floors.

>> Honda’s pathbreaking humanoid robot Asimo can walk, turn, climb and even dance—and should be invaluable years later to the elderly and infirm.

<< Sweden’s Interactive Institute has developed Brainball, a mind-reading anti-game. Relaxing is the key to success and mentally pushing a ball across a table.

Culture Vulture
Neuromancer William Gibson

Why read It kickstarted cyberpunk. Won the Holy Trinity of genre fiction awards—Hugo, Nebula, Philip K. Dick.

What’s the story Cyber-cowboy Case is driven off the info superhighway after a double-cross. But is he working for the technology he’s trying to control?

Need to know Gave birth to the term cyberspace. Massive influence on cult books/movies (The Matrix, for example).

So you thought you knew all about
Lisa Ray

The ‘Afreen-Afreen’ lass is finally in filmi ‘Water’. A perfect 10, but is there something amiss?

A. Born in Canada of a German mother and a Bengali father, Lisa aspired to be a novelist.

B.? Discovered by Maureen Wadia at age 16, when she moved to India after a family accident.

C. Her TV career includes hosting Channel [V]’s BPL OYE! and Star Biz on Star Movies.

D. Made her film debut in 2001 with Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Kasoor’. Deepa Mehta cast her in ‘Bollywood Hollywood’ and ‘Water’.

E. Next film: ‘The Arrangement’, a love comedy shot in Texas.

Answer A. Was actually born to a Polish mother.

what is

French term for the main group of cyclists in a race, also known as the field or main pack. In other words, what Lance Armstrong breaks out of every year at the Tour de France to win the yellow jersey.

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