April 04, 2020
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Delhi Gardeners’ Singaporean Eden

Delhi Gardeners’ Singaporean Eden
Illustration by Saahil
Delhi Gardeners’ Singaporean Eden

The geriatrics on Delhi’s avenues—neem, peepal and pilkhan trees—are over a 100 years old and succumbing to the ravages of age. So, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation has decided to train its gardeners in arboriculture. But no, Indian universities and online courses won’t do; the gardeners will be sent to Singapore to learn to conserve ‘ageing and heritage’ trees for another 50-60 years. Even the coronavirus pandemic has not jeopardised their jaunt—the trip has been tentatively scheduled for June-July. But not many think very highly of this study abroad scheme. “It is true that the West and other countries have better training in arboriculture, but the weather and type of flora here is completely different from that of Singapore. It is better if the training is conducted here,” says a professor.

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