February 07, 2020
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Deepak Ravindran, 27

LBS College of Engg dropout; Lookup, Bangalore

Deepak Ravindran, 27
Deepak Ravindran, 27

After walking out during his fifth semester in computer science, Deepak went through an ent­re­preneurship and inc­ubation programme at IIM Ahmedabad. After two small ventures, he started Lookup, a messaging app like Whatsapp, for local businesses and their cons­u­mers. In eight months, it has garne­red 3,00,000 users. His first venture, Innoz Technologies, was sta­rted in 2011 with four friends, also dropouts. It created SMS Gyan, an offline meta search engine, that provides info on the weather, stock prices and movies. It had 35 million users worldwide. Says Deepak, “Dropping out is for the braveheart and you need the support of the 3Fs (friends, family and fools) to succeed.”

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