April 01, 2020
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Damning Evidence

Damning Evidence
Secretary, Defence
South Block
New Delhi-110 001
New Delhi
July 27, 1998
Reference the combined operations in Andamans in the month of February, it has become necessary to emphasise the need for utmost restraint in launching such operations in the future in view of the objections that are likely to be raised by Myanmar and Thailand...

The services headquarters may receive specific intelligence from time to time with regard to vessels carrying weapons, arms et al to Cox's Bazar through the Andaman Seas..

Keeping in mind the sensitivities involved, it has been decided that no precipitate action on such intelligence reports is to be taken. Service HQ is not to act on any intelligence relating to gun-running and other illegal activities in Andaman seas without the approval of the government.

Ajit Kumar
Defence Secretary

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