August 10, 2020
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Conspiracy Theories Galore...

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Conspiracy Theories Galore...
Pramod Mahajan, BJP General Secretary
The BJP leader feels "interests" could have coalesced to ensure that Judeo committed political harakiri. "There can be both political and business interests behind it (the tapes). I don't rule it out..."

Arun Jaitley, Union Law and Commerce Minister
"The whole thing smacks of a sting operation. While it is true that political parties collect funds for electioneering, no central minister should go to a hotel room to personally collect cash."

Ram Madhav, RSS Spokesperson
"This is a conspiracy involving the Christian missionaries and the Congress party. But one also hears that other interests are involved. The full truth will come out after the CBI completes its investigations."

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP General Secretary
"It's clearly a deep-rooted conspiracy and the chief beneficiaries are Ajit Jogi and the Congress Party. Definitely, there has to be some business interests also. They either have interests in Chhattisgarh, or are backers of Jogi and the Congress."

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