February 25, 2020
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London Results

Pesticide Pepsi Coke
DDT <0.1µg/L <0.1µg/L
Lindane <0.1µg/L <0.1µg/L
Chloropyrifos <0.1µg/L <0.1µg/L
Malathion <0.1µg/L <0.1µg/L
31 pesticides either not present or below EU norms. Total pesticides present could theoretically be above EU norms, but improbable.

CSE Results

DDT 2.1µg/L 3.5µg/L   
Lindane 1.6µg/L 0.9µg/L
Chloropyrifos 4.2µg/L 4.2µg/L
Malathion 8. 7µg/L 8.7µg/L
Pesticides between 11 and 70 times EU limits. CSE claims samples were collected in January. Post-rains, the pesticide level would have been diluted.

Government Results

DDT not found not found
Lindane 0.008µg/L 0.14µg/L
Chloropyrifos 0.017µg/L 0.7µg/L
Malathion not found not found
Way below CSE levels. However, the lab states that its samples were from a different batch from CSE’s samples and the "results are not comparable".

µg = microgramme
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