July 05, 2020
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Chris Mcdonald

CEO, Ten Sports

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Chris Mcdonald
Chris Mcdonald
Ten Sports' USP?
It's a channel devoted to improve sports.

We start with Sharjah and then we have the triangular series from Morocco, the Classic India series... Besides, we will also have WWF, the ATP Dubai Open, Champions Hockey, the FA Cup and others.

It sounds like ESPN-Star Sports?
Perhaps. But wait till we hit the sky.

But you don't have the cricket and soccer world cups?
World Cup cricket has gone to Sony, but it's not all over for World Cup soccer. Let's see who wins the day.

And India's not there in Sharjah.
How does that matter? Eventually, this tension between India and Pakistan will end one day, right?

Any India-centric shows?
We'll bring glamour to sports. Raageshwari (former Channel V VJ) will host a show called Ru-Ba-Ru with Rags.

Your distribution plans?
We have formalised with HMA Udyog (of MEN fame) and we hope to penetrate Indian homes from the first day.

And what about ratings?
Let the advertisers have a look at our programmes. They will be forced to make changes in their media planning.

Are you also into event management?
Yes. We will bring some WWF, cricket and soccer stars to India.

David Beckham?
Why not? Won't that make the other channels jealous?

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