February 22, 2020
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Case Studies

Case Studies

Meghna Shah Mumbai An animator, she couldn’t get sleep because her eyes felt heavy and watery. She now sleeps with the aid of an eye-mask



Anil Gupta Delhi An apnoeaic, he underwent a pointless nose surgery. He’s being treated for the disorder. His heart, lungs could have been affected.



Ram Chander Dhankhar Sonepat A chronic patient of OSA, he used to fall asleep while signing cheques in the bank where he works



Partha P. Bose, Medical Superintendent of Delhi’s Orthonova Hospital, says: "Going sleepless for a day could affect your performance as much as a blood alcohol level above the legal limit."



Devender Batra, a Surgeon from Panipat who is being treated at Apollo, is acutely embarrassed when he falls asleep while writing prescriptions. "Fortunately, I manage to stay up during operations."

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