February 16, 2020
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Case Studies

Case Studies
Meham, Haryana, Diwali Day, 2002
90-odd Dalits, men, women and children, pledge never to worship Hindu gods, perform Hindu rituals, celebrate Hindu festivals. They are now Buddhists.



Salawati Devi, Goriapur Village, UP
Her family converted to Christianity five years ago. The bicycle the pastor gave her husband is useful, but she hides the Bible because "people laugh at me".



Rashid Saleem Adil, Delhi
The man who was once called Ram Singh Vidyarthi convinced his mother too to convert, and is now married to the daughter of a high-brow Syed family.



Meenakshipuram/Rahmat Nagar
In 1981, 150 Dalit families in this Tamil Nadu village converted to Islam. Affluence followed: most families now have members working in the Gulf.



Keshav Meshram, Mumbai
He was among the six lakh Ambedkar converted to Buddhism in 1956, but believes that "conversion has made no difference to how upper castes look at us".
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