June 26, 2020
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Can India Manage? Y/N

For people managers of the future, Outlook-MDRA’s definitive guide to the best B-schools in the land

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Can India Manage? Y/N
Kedar Bhat
Can India Manage? Y/N

There continues  to be a churn in the business of management, as there is in that of management institutes. As we have been saying for some time now, a lot gets hidden behind the naked demand for MBAs in an economy growing at over 8 per cent. The economy is better off than a year ago, but the environment remains unsure for corporate India. Apart from dealing with higher interest rates and consumers battered by inflation, other issues—around land, environment norms, corporate ethics and equitable growth—have dramatically raised the stakes. This tension is getting transferred to the MBA space too. Companies are now clearer about what their newest managers should be all about. They are seeking people managers, not just bookish knowledge; they want workplace-savvy MBAs who can hit the ground running; and they are demanding that graduates have a clearer sense of the many ethical issues they will face. Students are also seeking more from an MBA, but are bewildered by an avalanche of claims. That’s where Outlook’s rigorous ranking—conducted by market research agency MDRA—comes as an invaluable guide. Our team’s package looks at the issues that B-schools, and students, cannot afford to ignore. There are also snapshots of the new wave of management gurus of Indian origin globally. It’s ironical, but some of the best work in global management is now coming from Indian minds. When will we see some of that frisson at home? As always, choose wisely.










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