May 31, 2020
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Brown Girl In The Ring

Brown Girl In The Ring
The young pandit with that temple-ready white tilak was just starting to give me reasons why London is these days such a great place for an Indian male and lousy for Indian women. He announced them in a list of scenarios. One, Indian males in Britain like to marry girls from India. Two, many are leaving for opportunities in Canada and the United States. Three, they leave for jobs with multinationals in Gulf-like places. Four, they like to marry white women, in part to escape the usual prospect-measurement by a girl's family. That subtracts to too many women to too few men, the holy fellow explained, with the sense of a problem he could see but would not feel. He had been imported recently by a temple committed to offering marriage services, but wasn't as busy as he'd expected to be.

And if you ask me, it gets worse. Women regard the males still around as positioned at varying stages of insufferable. They're probably right; the men who gather around one another evening after club evening seem to offer no temptations. They look tired of women, retired from relationships. Indian Britain is coming to suffer from a huge mismatch of willing women and unavailable men. A coupling with India seems the natural solution; think just of the Republic Day parade of wasted libido.

Now the women, usually returnees to singlehood, have begun to haunt the clubs too. Revenge self-sufficiency is admirable, but it's a grim sort of thing. There isn't a sight quite as unhappy as a looking woman all dressed for anywhere to go, then to remain unnoticed. Or worse, make forward moves of the kind that tradition has maintained as male misfortune. I am considering launching an appeal to male readers of Outlook. Please at least visit and, as we like to say, oblige.

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