July 03, 2020
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Top picks World

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Top picks World
Top picks World

2062: The World That AI Made

Toby Walsh

The author conjectures that machines will surpass humans in intelligence by 2062 and explores its effect on our race. He draws from case studies—the exponential growth of blades in shaving razors, the sexism in translation services, technology’s infringement on privacy etc—to engagingly delineate the contours of this brave new world.


Love Is Not A Word: The Culture And Politics Of Desire

Edited by Debotri Dhar

This anthology explores the interstices of politics, history, literature and culture with love. Its scholarly essays delve into a Dalit woman’s experiences on dating apps, Ghalib’s ideas of the beloved, love without the trappings of marriage and family that turn “private ecstasy into social routine”, yearning in barahmasa poetry and the adoration of cities and trees.


Mastaan: The Fallen Patriot Of Delhi

Vineet Bajpai

Bajpai has set the novel around the revolt of 1857. As the British tighten their stranglehold, Indian sepoys band together in opposition. The highly regar­ded warrior Mastaan also seeks revenge against the East India Company. But will his love for Fay, the younger sister of his regiment’s commander, come in the way?

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