July 28, 2020
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On The Racks

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On The Racks
On The Racks

Final Frontier: India and Space Security | Westland

Bharath Gopalaswamy

This comprehensive account of India’s space programme tra­ces the history of satellites, rem­ote-sensing programmes, and space-based positioning, navigation and tim­ing. It delves into debates around space weaponisation and discusses its implications in light of international treaties and policy challenges. The author emphasises the need for national space-regulation laws to develop the sector in India.

Shadow Men | Speaking Tiger

Bijoya Sawian

The collection comprises three tales set in Meg­halaya. In Shadow Men, attempts to piece together the death of a ‘dkhar’ (outsider) by an iso­­lated cottage unveil a world of intrigue and violence. The Flight’s protagonist, 18-year-old Mawii, is torn apart by her community and her love for a ‘vai’ (again, outsider), while The Limp explores an octogenarian’s quest for belonging.


Vichhoda | Penguin

Harinder Sikka

In the turmoil of the post-Parti­tion riots, Bibi Amrit Kaur finds herself in a new locale with a different identity. As she attempts to build another life for herself—she gets married and has two children—an upheaval upturns her life yet again. Will she yield to fortune’s battering or traverse the path of hope and courage?

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