July 28, 2020
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On The Racks

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On The Racks

Sandeep Bhushan
The Indian Newsroom | Westland

A veteran journalist analyses the crisis in television news with reg­ards to its credibility and viability. He explores the marginalisation of reporters and decline of field reportage, the influence of technology and corporate ownership, the impact of the ‘star system’ and ‘access journalism’ and how the industry in India compares with more mature markets, such as those of the US and UK.

Rashmi Bansal
Shine Bright | Westland

The book features the stories of eight people who performed like entrepreneurs within the ambit of a job. They include Pawan Goenka, a scientist who steered Mahindra Auto to its present heights; Nitin Paranjpe, who joined HUL as a management trainee and eventually became the CEO; and Chitra Gupta, a teacher who transformed a low-performing government school into an institution of excellence, among others.

Krupa Ge
Rivers Remember | Westland

The haphazard urbanisation that swallowed lakes, forests and wetlands and is today causing one of Chennai’s worst water crises also led to a catastrophic deluge in 2015. The author incisively explores the reasons behind the flood, its impact along the faultlines of class and caste and the poignant stories of the people who were stranded, including the author’s own parents.

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