February 18, 2020
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Big Sister

Big Sister
Aparna Goenka / Group Manager (IS)
In a way, her department controls life on Infosys city—who does what, when, why, how and where. Goenka and her team runs the super software that tracks every single movement on every single project. That’s how the company can live in a comfortable world of "predictability", where they know exactly how to account for each manhour and every single paisa that’s spent. "The measurement metrics allow top management to evolve the exact capabilities of the entire organisation," says Goenka. That’s because the system automatically builds a database; it allows senior managers to judge how fast a specific operation—any operation—can be done and at what cost. And, it allows them to predict budgets accurately about both potential and ongoing projects. As Goenka puts it, "It gives a dashboard view to various levels of managers, each getting his/her own worldview according to their designations and access."
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