March 29, 2020
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Minds of merit share their ideas and philosophy with the world. We curate the words that stand out in their observation and insight.


TED Talks

How to build a company where the best ideas win: Ray Dalio

The future we’re building—and boring: Elon Musk

When workers own companies, the ­economy is more resilient: Niki Okuk

The single biggest reason why startups succeed: Bill Gross

 Two reasons companies fail—and how to avoid them: Knut Haanaes

How data will transform business: Philip Evans

How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution: Kevin Kelly

Smart failure for a fast-changing world: Eddie Obeng

Business Books


Tools of Titans
By Tim Ferris

Deconstructing The Tools
Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss shares the productivity secrets of the more than 200 “world-class performers” he has interviewed


By Joel Comm and John Rampton

Those Symptoms of Success
The authors detail 50 ­qualities of potential ­entrepreneurs and ­provide a ­framework for aspirants


Option B
By Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

The Afterglow of Adversity
Sandberg’s ­personal account of pain and ­recovery offers hope, a ­practical way forward and even laughter


Hacking Growth
By Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

Ride to the Top of the World
The book dispels myths about growth hacking and provides an insight into how today’s companies drive through success

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