June 27, 2020
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Atul Kasbekar

The veteran fashion photographer on his changing career as a celebrity manager, producer, scriptwriter; and his everlasting love for faces and photography.

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Atul Kasbekar
Atul Kasbekar

How did photography happen for you?

My love for capturing people in moments developed into a love for photography. Before I knew it, I had quit my course in chemical engineering.

Do you think fashion photography is taken seriously?

Yes! Most photographers who end up becoming fam­ous are often connected to the glamour business.

Why did you start cel­ebrity management firm Bling Entertainment?

I was looking for a representative to manage my work, so I started a service with qualified professionals.

Is celebrity management as maniacal as it sounds?

Maniacal is a good word to describe it. A good artist representative should be able to wear many hats.

Any interesting incident you recall of managing celebrities?

That’s a book in itself, on the release of which I’ve to ensure I’m in a foreign country that doesn’t have an ext­radition treaty with India!

Tell us about your recent dip into production for Neerja.

Neerja Bhanot’s story was one that needed to be told.

You juggle many careers.

I don’t like wasting time; I am a reasonable multitasker and a very good time manager.

Has photography taken a backseat?

After over two deca­des, I still feel most alive when there is a camera in my hand.

Are you writing the script for a film?

I’m not qualified to be a professional writer, not as yet. I wrote a concept note on an original idea which Ram Madhvani loved.

What career move is next?

Both my kids are planning to spend all my money at colleges abroad, so whatever it is, it had better be lucrative and fun!

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