April 03, 2020
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Asha Bachani

A face gym in Mumbai—that’s this actress’ latest venture. Here’s her stairway to the fount of youth.

Asha Bachani
Asha Bachani
What does it mean—a face gym?
Just like gyms to tone the body, the face gym is to tone up facial muscles and keep age lines at bay.

How did you get the idea?
I began noticing small tell-tale lines on my face. I had heard about the Japanese Shiastu technique. On trying it, I found an incredible change—lines and bags under my eyes began disappearing.

Where did you train for this?
In the UK and Australia. I studied nutrition, and programmes for facial enhancement—beauty science, facial aerobics, resistance training etc.

How scientific is this?
It is all scientific. It is an anti-ageing process that gets rid of facial wrinkles. Brittney Spears, Angelina Jolie among others are into it.

How is it different from other such methods like facelifts etc?
Facelifts distort the face; laser treatment lasts only three months; botox works by paralysing the muscles. It's all temporary and expensive.

What happens if you stop this programme?
Muscles have a good memory and even after a gap you can restart and your muscles respond.

Doesn't it sound too good to be true?
With age, testosterone levels dip and ageing starts. Research shows this can be reversed.

What kind of programme are you offering?
A three-month programme which addresses obesity plus the face.

Specifically for the face?
I have an exercise plan to increase the circulation to the face, rejuvenation and toning of skin.

What response are you expecting?
Huge. Gyms can trim the body, but faces sag and age shows.

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