August 09, 2020
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Art Deco Incarnate

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Art Deco Incarnate
Tired of displaying "just another painting"? Invest in some crossover art. "Crossover shows are the latest thing in India, combining art with fashion, design, ceramics, even furniture," says Sharan Apparao, a gallery owner known for her unusual exhibitions. She recently organised a sale of Satya Paul scarves with Raza paintings printed on them. Another is planned for Delhi in November of "limited edition" neckties, with designs drawn from contemporary vertical format paintings. The 14 participating artists include names like Raza and Muralidharan.

Another unusual art format is the common ceramic plate. Inspired by the "Picasso plates", artists like Anjolie Ela Menon use saucers as their canvases. From Ravi Varma-inspired sarees and calligraphy-inscribed kurtis, to installation-art furniture, owning art is a more accessible notion now. No longer restricted to conventional media, it's creeping into homes in innovative ways. And it doesn't cost as much.
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