January 18, 2020
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And Also

An amazing injury management protocol—a science called pre-hab.

And Also
Illustration by Saahil
And Also

Sports Tip
Springing Back

Cristiano Ronaldo made a stunning comeback from injury in the Champion’s league final. The secret beh­ind footballers’ recovery is an amazing injury management protocol—a science called pre-hab. In short, it is working on the weak muscle or joint susceptible to injury well before that happens. Ronaldo’s hamstring is a per­ennial issue. So, the hamstring is not looked at in isolation. The gluteus group till the hip and the gastrocs muscle group at the calf and plantar muscles that flex the toes complete the posterior chain of leg. Therefore, the entire chain is stretched and strengthened regularly. Exercise like glute-ham raise 12 reps X 4 sets and 90-90 stretch are great exercises. Also work on the posterior core with exercises like swissball lateral rolls.

—Chinmoy Roy
strengh and conditioning coach

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