April 03, 2020
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While her rivals have sleepless nights, this pop diva sings in a new language

What next after Love Today Hai Nahin Aasan and Nazuk Nazuk?
My recording in Arabic. It should be released by December.

New songs, new videos, new albums. Do you intend to substitute Alisha Chinai?
Why should I substitute anyone? I've a standing of my own in two years. And I'm giving nightmares to most around.

People first heard of you as an artiste of Greek and Persian parentage. What has this image got to do with your success?
I know of people who create images and rig standings in the charts. But, honestly, that makes no sense since what matters is the volume of the sales.

To what extent have you succeeded because of your glamorous looks?
Believe me. My looks have gone against me. Earlier, no one wanted to admit that this woman was talented. But now that I have received Channel V as well as Diva nomina -tions, many have changed their views.

Does that mean that Hindi pop stars can click without marketing hypes and hooplas?
Yes, they can. One has to have talent. After all, those who finally matter are the buyers. And, they are too intelligent to be misguided by false projections.

Yet star images have worked wonders in recent successes.
Not really. Tell me, will anybody pay 40 bucks if a cassette has Madhuri Dixit or Aishwarya Rai on the cover but nothing of worth inside?

In that case, what about Aby Baby?
Aby Baby is the greatest superstar the country has known. And the product was good too.

You have been nominated for the Channel V Award. What if you get it?
It will be good. But if I win awards, the success wouldn't go to my head.

Recently, you co-sang a version of Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram. Not a successful experiment, was it?
In the video, I was very traditional, demure. There was no effort to look sexy. As for the song, anything that which encourages harmony among people should be pursued.

Finally, when do you plan to do a pop version of the national anthem?
Never. It is a jailable offence, by the way.

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