May 26, 2020
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An All-round Indictment

An All-round Indictment

THOUGH the Mumbai High Court has ruled in favour of the Maharashtra government and Enron, its judgement carries much criticism of both. Excerpts:

 We are really amazed by the bold statements made by the government in support of its actions from time to time. When it wanted to scrap the project and decided to scrap it, it boldly said everything which it felt was necessary to support the same.... But when it wanted to revive the project, it acted in the very same manner in which its predecessors had done.... What would stop someone from saying, as was said by the chief minister in the context of the original PPA: ‘Enron revisited, Enron saw and Enron conquered—much more than what it did earlier’.

 One thing is obvious: at every stage it’s the common man who has been taken for a ride during elections by the Sena-BJP alliance by making Enron an election issue.

 This case has highlighted to the people how, even after 50 years of independence, political considerations outweigh the public interest and the interest of the state and to what extent the government can go to justify its actions not only before the public but even before the courts of law.

 To some extent Enron is also responsible for vitiating the atmosphere and the anti-Enron campaign. In our opinion, the multinationals who want to invest in developing countries should not indulge in tall talk about educating the people of those countries. The decision of multinationals to invest in that country is based on the security of the investment and lucrative returns on the same. It is not activated by the desire to help the resource-starved nations. They do no charity. They move out of their country for greener pastures or better returns. They should, therefore, act and behave like an investor...not as a government.

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