March 29, 2020
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Oh brothers, oh my fellow brothers

We need strong and brave men to confront Indians

The situation is very difficult

Indians do not want to change

Whites were far better than Indians

Even Mandela has failed to convince them to change

Whites were far better than Indians

Even you people in power don't want to intervene in the situation

They bribed you with roti and paku

They don't vote when we vote but they are full in parliament

What do you say, chief of tellers

When you see people of the Zulu nation?

They are living in shacks

Where is S'bu Ndebele?

Where is Gideon Zulu?

Indians have conquered Durban

We're poor because all things have been taken by Indians

They're oppressing us

Mkhize wants to open a business in West Street

Indians say there is no place to open a business

Our people are buying from Indian shops

What do you say Govan Mbeki?

Indians are playing with us

What do you say fellow brothers

They are speaking funagalore (meaning impure Zulu)

Thenga lapha duza kamina shishile

(Buy from me I am cheap)

They don't want to support a single black shop

Indians keep coming from India

The airport is full of Indians

They come here to open their business

Oh brothers, oh fellow brothers.

(This is an unauthorised translation from the original song)
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