June 06, 2020
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All In The N-Game...

Making of the "Islamic Bomb"

All In The N-Game...
All In The N-Game...
1974 Pakistani prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto tells a group of scientists, including Dr A.Q. Khan, of his government’s decision to initiate the country’s nuclear programme for peaceful purposes.

1977 Nuclear explosive design and development work begins in Pakistan; Bhutto is dismissed, Gen Zia-ul-Haq takes over.

1981 Zia renames the Kahuta Research Laboratories after Dr. Khan

1984 Pakistan obtains a pre-tested, atomic bomb design and bomb-grade enriched uranium from China. Zia declares, "It is our right to obtain the technology and when we acquire this technology, the Islamic world will possess it with us."

1986 Pakistan begins buying missile technology from North Korea.

1987 Zia approves nuclear cooperation with Iran. Thereafter, Dr Khan makes several trips there.

1988 Copies of the designs and drawings of the Urenco uranium enrichment plant are handed over to Iran.

1991 Dr Khan acknowledges that Pakistan is a nuclear power. Prime Minister: Nawaz Sharif. ISI chief Lt Gen Javed Nasir signs in Pyongyang a secret agreement with North Koreans to jointly produce shoulder-fired Stinger missiles and their batteries.

1993 Pakistani, Iranian scientists and engineers witness the launch of one Nodong and three Scud missiles in North Korea.

1996 In exchange for missiles, Pakistan provides to North Korea high-speed centrifuge machines, and blueprints for producing nuclear weaponry. Prime Minister: Benazir Bhutto; Army chief: Gen Jahangir Karamat

1997 Gen Karamat secretly visits North Korea in December 1997. Four months later, Pakistan successfully test-fires the medium-range Ghauri missile.

1998 Pakistan detonates six nuclear devices.

1999 Pakistan conducts the initial flight test of the Shaheen missile, allegedly obtained from North Korea.

2001 A US spy satellite photographs a Pakistani C-130 plane being loaded with missiles at the Pyongyang airport. Operation approved by President Musharraf. Khan Research Laboratories is once again renamed Kahuta Research Laboratories; its chairman Dr Khan is retired

2002 Musharraf says in Paris: "We purchased surface-to-air missile(s) from North Korea sometime back and now we are producing the same type of missiles at home."

2003 Bush places sanctions against KRL.

2004 Dr Khan’s four ex-associates are taken into custody for debriefing. In a compromise deal with Musharraf, Dr Khan accepts responsibility; absolves military.

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