February 22, 2020
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"I'd have loved to be..." A new column on the alternate aspirations of celebrities

If I were not an actor, I’d have become some sort of a bad writer. Or maybe, I’d have seriously made a career out of some sport. I already play rugby but as a truly professional sport...let me think. I went through an intense squash phase and then a badminton phase. I was the opening bowler for the school cricket team. I’d have pursued fast bowling but then at 17, I stopped growing any taller. At 5’6", I suppose I didn’t have much of a career in fast bowling.

I also had a particular interest in spatial dynamics: architecture, designing and things like that. Even now, while working on a play for example, I get excited about how I can use a particular space differently. Building exteriors too interest me. Architecture as an agent of a city’s psychology is a very compelling art. So, yes, maybe I would have looked at that option but honestly it’s also too technical for me. The very thought of having to learn things like calculus would have scared me away. But I know one thing I would certainly not have become: an investment banker. What kind of a soul-stifling profession will make money out of money?

(As told to Manu Joseph)

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