January 23, 2020
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"I am not a party animal at all. Given a chance, I'd rather spend it with my family." Pallavi Jha Chairperson and MD, Walchand Capital Group

I start my day early between 5:30 and 6:00 am with yoga. This is an almost unbroken routine for the last so many years. Then I spend breakfast time with my daughters—the older one is eleven and doesn’t really need me, but I fuss over my younger one who’s only five years old. I usually keep the day under control and get home from work by around 6:30 pm. I thus am able to spend a good part of the evening with the girls. I like to work out on the treadmill whenever I can.

Then it’s more time with the girls—catching up on how they spent their day, homework, etc. Weekends too are reserved for the family. I also like to cook a bit, do a spot of gardening, fuss over my dog etc. I enjoy exercise, so I often go swimming with my daughters. Sometimes I also play tennis though that is becoming quite irregular nowadays. I am not at all a party animal. Given a chance, I would spend all my spare time with my family. Being with my family and doing things together are really the things that I enjoy the most.

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