April 04, 2020
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"I often pick up my tennis racquet in office and enjoy playing with my colleagues" Kwang Ro Kim MD, LG India

Gopinath S.
Sports is an integral part of my life. In fact, I am a fitness freak and start my day early with a stroll with my dog. Tennis with my peers follows next, before I start the day. In fact, I am in office by 0815 hours. I again exercise after office (and encourage others in the office to do as well) before reaching home. By the way, I often pick up my racquet in office and enjoy a game of tennis with my colleagues. I love outings with my family and reading—non-fiction, philosophy and religion (I have attended Osho classes in Delhi and Pune) and watching the Korean channel Arirang before hitting the bed. Soft, instrumental music is my passion. Besides daily exercises,

I am a keen golf player and play every Sunday with my wife and friends. In fact, I feel the after-hours life for all expatriates is almost the same across the world. And this is because they have less social interactions as there is a limited group of people from their countries and cultures. But, at the same time, this gives expats more time to pursue their personal interests. And I enjoy that fully.
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