Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

A Scissor Kick That Turned The Table

The gods on Olympian heights smiled at Sushil Kumar—a punishing regimen is tipped with bronze

A Scissor Kick That Turned The Table AP

Sushil Kumar is a short man, his face and ears scarred and callused, making him stand out as an individual whose profession is organised scrapping. And now, with an Olympics medal—India's first in wrestling after 1952—Sushil has become even more special.

After losing his first bout in 66 kg freestyle wrestling on Wednesday, Sushil had to wait. The new repechage format—it's French for rescue—held out a lifeline to him. If the man he'd lost to, Andriy Stadnik, reached the final, he would have a chance to win a medal. Stadnik did, and Sushil won three bouts the same day to earn a bronze.


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